Se respira en el jardín como en un bosque
One breathes in the garden as in the forest
and one wants to be in the theatre as in the world.
Someone prepares the gardens to enjoy an arranged part of nature,
originally wild and full of dangers.
In the theatre, someone arranges the wors and the images
in a narrative that draws a logic that looks like an answer.

But just like when I leave the garden and enter the forest
when I leave the theatre and return to the world, all the illusion vanishes
and the world that appears again begore my eyes
becomes untamed, dangeorus and always incomprehnsible.

Breathing in the garden is like being in a forest, is a play that is essentially and individual stage exercise.
Whowver attends the play occupies the role of performer and audience consecutively.
This play proposes to the audience to embody the two fundamental roles of the theatrical act: someone watches silently while someone performs a movement on stage. And from this primitive theatrical convention, which has endured for thousands of years to the present day, a simple game is proposed through a narrative sustained by simple movements that confront the participant with the convention represented.

This experience raises some questions about reality as an artifact of the imagination, its materialization and construction and why we like to observe in silence, as we do when we go to the theatre, the artifice of the world we have created.

Conceived & devised by
El Conde de Torrefie
Direction, dramaturgy and text
Tanya Beyeler y Pablo Gisbert
Sound design
Rebecca Praga
Technical director
Isaac Torres
Sound technitian
Uriel Ireland
Office & Adminitration
Haizea Arrizabalaga
Production & Tour manager
Caravan Production, Brussels

Executive production

Santarcangelo Festival (IT) / CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia   

supported by:

Mas Nyam Nyam, Mieres (ES)

- 4 & 5.7.2020 - Si no vols pols no vinguis a l'Era, Mas Nyam Nyam, Mieres (ES)
- 15 - 19.7.2020 - Festival di Santarcangelo (IT)
- 18 - 25.9.2020 - Festival Città delle Cento Scale, Potenza (IT)
30.9 & 1.10.2020 - Festival Russafa Escènica, Valencia (ES)
- 4 & 5.12.2020 - Festival Temporada Alta, Girona (ES)
- 27 - 29.2.2021 - Teatre Principal de Olot (ES)
- 8 & 9.5.2021 - Teatro S.Giorgio, CSS Udine (IT)
- 11 & 12.6.2021 - Teatro S.Giorgio, CSS Udine (IT)
- 20.6.2021 - La Casa Encendida, Madrid (ES)
- 24-26.6.2021 - Temporada Alta América Latina, Teatro Alianza Francesa, Lima (Perú)
- 1 - 4..2021 - La Casa Encendida, Madrid (ES)
- 13 - 20.8.2021 - Noorderzon Festival, Groningen (NL)
- 30.9 - 3.10.2021 - Festival TNT, Terrassa (ES)