KULTUR emerged as an independent spin-off from LA PLAZA, a previous piece, by extracting one of the literary situations it contains and using this as the starting point for a new concept.
A performative installation based on one only image of an escalating situation, that attempt to give the audience the most subjective experience possible, isolating each member from the others by darkness and providing them with headphones.
A piece created far from the theatrical convention and where the audience thaks the point of view of a total voyeur before the image of an unquestionably explicit scene in the realistic space of a casting.
KULTUR offers to spy an internal monologue through the gaze of a person confronted by the stimulus that its own reflection provides, and this mental process is contextualised within a situation common to every writer. The voice of the writer heard by the audience through the headphones enters into a ritual in order to empty her mind and contemplate her state before beginning to write.
The movement of the voice searches fro an anchor to start giving words to a fiction that, like a mirror, tells itself until it converges with the image presented on stage.

Conceived & devised by
El Conde de Torrefiel
Direction & Drammagurgy
Tanya Beyeler & Pablo Gisbert
Pablo Gisbert
performed by
Jane Jones, Sylvan and Arno Genista
Set design
El Conde de Torrefiel & María Alejandre
Props & costums
María Alejandre
Sound design
Rebecca Praga
Sound technitian
Adolgo García
Technical director
Isaac Torres
Victoria Macarte (English), Margarita Göbel (German), Gloria Marc (Spanish)

Coproduced by
Donaufestival, Krems
Gessneralle, Zürich

with the support of
Nau Ivanow, Barcelona

thanks to Gloria March and Albert Pérez

3-5.5.2019 - Donaufestival, Krems (AT) (première)
11 & 12.9.2019 - Gessnerallee, Zürich (CH)
22-24.11.2019 - Festival Temporada Alta Girona (ES)
30 & 31.1.2020 - Festival Salmôn, Barcelona (ES)
16 & 17.10.2020 - La Mutant, Valencia (ES)
23-25.4.2021 - Sala Replika, Madrid (ES)
17-21.8.2021 - Noorderzon Festival, Groningen (NL)
october 2021 - Festival Actoral, Marseille (FR)
october 2021 - Antic Teatre, Barcelona (ES)