We envisage our new piece as a town square.
The theatre and the square share narrative mechanisms of the present as well as appealing to a collective memory of the past; actors and set are the monuments and persons who move through this square providing forms, stories and names.
The stage becomes an agora that allows us to expand the concepts of space and time, extend beyond the physical limits of our surroundings and observe the tensions created by the forces governing the very idea of life. A circular space occupied by monuments and persons; a specific place that can be defined as having the capacity to imagine itself and project itself into the future. In this new piece we want to focus on thinking of the future as an unknown and unpredictable period, materialising as a result of unexpected situations.
Just 17 years in, the 21st century is already agitated and conflictive on a global scale. The days are bipolar: our ways of thinking and organising ourselves are changing radically and uncontrollably but, at the same time, nothing is changing. Civilisation advances with trepidation while reality becomes, paradoxically, more and more subjective, emotive and impenetrable.
The tensions between memory and imagination that make us unique in this world generate in turn a perpetual conflict between the desire to overcome the imperfections of what is, and fear of the unknown, the unexplained and, in particular, the deformed. In the end, the possibility of imagining an unexplainable future becomes a privileged state of perfection:
a place where enemies have been defeated;
a paradise only attainable through death.

Conceived & devised by
El Conde de Torrefiel
in collaboration with the performers
Direction and dramaturgy
Tanya Beyeler y Pablo Gisbert
Pablo Gisbert
Light Design
Ana Rovira
Set design
El Conde de Torrefiel & Blanca Añón
Performers & Blanca Añón
Sound design
Adolfo García
Technical director and stage Manager
Isaac Torres
Technitian on tour
Javier Castrillón
Robot design and construction
Oriol Pont Performers
Gloria March Chulvi, Albert Pérez Hidalgo,
Mónica Almirall, Nicolás Carbajal,
Amaranta Velarde y David Mallols

Executive Production
Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels

Kunstenfestivaldesarts(Brussels),Vooruit (Ghent),
Mousonturm(Frankfurt),Wiener Festwochen(Vienna),
Teatro Maria Matos & Alkantara Festival(Lisbon),Festival de Marseille, Triennale dell'Arte (Milan),
Festival d'Automne & Centre Pompidou(Paris),
HAU (Berlin),Festival GREC (Barcelona),
Zurcher Theaterspektakel (Zürich),
Black Box Theater (Oslo)

Production office on tour
CARAVAN Productions, Brussels

Pictures: Luísa Gutierrez, Bruno Simao, Gianluca di Ioia

supported by

05-09.05.2018 - Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels (première)
15-16.05.2018 - Mousonturm, Frankfurt (D)
02-03.06-2018 - Alkantara Festival, Lisbon (PT)
07-09.16.2018 - Wiener Festwochen, Vienna (AT)
30.06-01.07.2018 - Hellenic Festival, Athens (GR)
05-06.07.2018 - Festival GREC, Barcelona (ES)
20-22.08.2018 - Zürcher Theatherspektakel, Zürich (CH)
10-13.10.2018 - Festival d'Automne / Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR)
31.10-2.11.2018 - Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne (CH)
21-23.2.2019 - HAU2, Berlin (D)
29 & 30.3.2019 - Triennale dell'Arte, Milano (IT)
20&21.6.2019 - Festival delle colline torinesi, Torino (IT)