During a second of lucidity, I was sure we had lost our minds. But over to that second of lucidity, a super-second of super-lucidity came to it; and I thought that this scene was just the logical result due to our absurd lives." Roberto Bolaño

During holidays, time transforms into another sort of time, independent and unique, that allowed us to live exciting experiences, which are established as some kind of parallel universe, primarily intended to satisfy our idea of happiness.
Holidays are a voluntary exercise of autism, an interruption of our life, in order to forget the world momentarily. Meanwhile, the world, bewildered, gazes how millions of people travel around it, longing for a personal paradise of leisure, experience and pleasure.



conceived and created by
El Conde de Torrefiel
Direction and Dramaturgy
Pablo Gisbert
Pablo Gisbert
Cris Celada, Tanya Beyeler & Guests
Lighting design
Octavio Mas
El Conde de Torrefiel / Carlos Martorell /Mauro Santucci

Amaranta Velarde / Andreu Martínez / Nico Carbajal /
Mónica Almirall / David Mallols / Albert Pérez /
Xantal Gabarró / Idurre Azkue / Gloria March /
Isaac Torres / Tatiana Garland / Andreu Martínez /
Alejandro G.Ruffoni

ccoproduced by
Festival TNT, Terrassa Noves Tendències
Graner, Centre de Creació, Barcelona

supported by
AZALA, Espacio de creación
L'Estruch de Sabadell
Graner, Festival BAD de Bilbao
OSIC (Generalitat de Catalunya)

04.10.2013 - Festival TNT, Terrassa (Première)
23/24.10.2013 - Festival Salmôn, Barcelona
01.11.2013 - Festival BAD, Bilbao
27.11/01.12.2013 - Festival de Otoño a Primavera, Madrid
05/08.12.2013 - Teatro Pradillo, Madrid
21/23.08.2014 - Cena Contemporanea, Brasilia
28/29.08.2014 - FIT de Sao José do Rio Preto
05.09.2014 - Short Theatre Festival, Roma
22.11.2014 - Festival Temporada Alta Girona
19.11.2016 - Teatro El Musical, Valencia